2017 Guest Metalsmith and Judge
Robert Valentine

Bob has been blacksmithing since 1976, starting in industrial arts class in high school, then working at Woodbury Blackmsith and Forge, Woodbury CT, and finally setting up his own business The Village Blacksmith Shop in 1980. He has spent his blacksmithing career specializing in 17th, 18th and early 19th century building hardware and hearth equipment.

Over the years he has been fortunate to have worked on many restoration projects for clients including museums, architects, designers, as well as many individuals throughout the country. In 1991 he was awarded "Best Traditional Work" by The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and the New England Blacksmiths. He has demonstrated, taught classes and lectured for numerous groups including historical societies, AIA Connecticut, New England Blacksmiths, Indiana Blacksmiths Association, Brentwood North and Morrel Metalsmiths workshops.

Since 2003, he has served as First Selectman of Goshen CT, his hometown. Being Cheif Elected Officer of Goshen is a full time job managing the town affairs, so now he is a part-time blacksmith in between continuing to teach and demonstrate the craft.