Strict Requirements for Competitors

1) All demonstrators & competitors must wear eye protection.

2) All participants bring their own tools, anvils, forges, etc.

3) No Propane Tanks over 20 lbs. allowed - Fire Department’s rule

4) Competition is individual; helpers are not permitted except when indicated.

5) All stock is to be cold at the beginning of competition. Hot stock will be grounds for disqualification.

6) Officials reserve the right to decline entry to any individual. They may prohibit a competitor from participating without being liable for compensation.

7) All work is to be “hand-forged”. Use of power tools other than forge blowers will incur elimination.

8) Three entrants are required to hold a session.

9) Only novice competitors may enter Div. I.
Div. II competitors may enter classes in Div. III,
but Div. III competitors may not enter classes in Div. II.

10) Div. I - students, those at entry level or with less than 1 yr. experience.
Div. II - serious hobbyists with more than one year of experience.
Div. III - professional blacksmith

11) Participants must complete all projects assigned in the three sessions (as listed in this mailer) of their respective divisions to enter this Competition.

12) Participants in the Forge-In must sign a waiver prior to competition.

13) Decisions of the judge(s) are final.

14) All items submitted for judging are property of Fitchburg Forge-In.

15) Blacksmith Festival, The City of Fitchburg, ACHLA Designs®, Fitchburg Art Museum, Forge-In officials, sponsors and event committees will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.